Leja Kress & Richard Agerbeek, Co-Founders of Sweden Unlimited Discuss Entrepreneurship, Digital Design, and More


Driven entrepreneurs with a great idea can have the power to change the world. In this series from MGA, we interview founders and CEOs that are making a difference by launching innovative products and services which are changing the landscape of business, finance, content creation, fine art, and more.

Richard Agerbeek and twin sisters Leja and Alex Kress are the Co-Founders of Sweden Unlimited, a digital creative agency in NYC specializing in strategy, design & technology for fashion and lifestyle brands. Sweden Unlimited translates a brand’s vision onto an online platform and brings business goals to life through eCommerce, branding, and digital content. They have collaborated with clients such as W Magazine, Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters, and Michael Kors. Prior to founding Sweden Unlimited in 1999, the three were in a band called Sweden. In this interview, we hear from Leja Kress and Richard Agerbeek about the story of Sweden Unlimited, their entrepreneurial journey, and how the digital design industry has changed.