MG+ Client KinderCore Vinyl Featured in Huffington Post


KinderCore Vinyl Processing Plant (Courtesy of Huffington Post)

KinderCore Vinyl’s founders Ryan Lewis, Cash Carter, Dan Geller, and Bill Fortenberry are all focused on reviving the age of vinyl records within the music industry. They see that the demand for vinyl records is rapidly increasing and in turn, they want to give the consumers what they want. Don’t miss this great Huffington Post article featuring our client KinderCore Vinyl. KinderCore Vinyl is a record pressing plant based in Athens, Georgia and is bringing much needed resources to the music market utilizing the newest technology methods.

KinderCore Vinyl Team MG+

KinderCore Vinyl Team MG+ (L-R : Matt Lewis, Ryan Lewis, Bill Fortenberry, Cash Carter, Dan Geller)

Due to an exponential sales increase of 26% in 2016, KinderCore sought out to provide a profitable, yet energy efficient vinyl record that attracts the music crowd.  The KinderCore Vinyl team quickly realized that they need to keep up with the times and have the newest and most pristine equipment that will soon produce a new wave of vinyl records. Not only are they concerned with keeping up with technology, but also, the team is keen with the usage of renewable PVC replacements. They intend on being the first pressing plant to sell petroleum free phonograph records. Masur Griffitts + LLP. is excited to see KinderCore’s progress with this new age of the vinyl record and we hope that you take a look at what they are working on.