MG+ Partners with Carta for Cap Table Management


We are pleased to announce that MG+ has partnered with Carta (formerly eShares) for special rates on their industry-leading cap table management and investor relations platform. They provide companies with a real-time snapshot of their capitalization and facilitates the electronic issuance and transfer of equity, stock options, convertible notes, and other securities, allowing management to focus on growing the business. Our partnership unlocks discounted service fees for our clients, and MG+ is offering fixed-rate onboarding to the Carta platform so you can be up and running quickly and at a significantly reduced cost.

Email or call (212) 209-5450 to get your company set up on Carta or for more information about their services.

Additional Information 

Carta provides a platform for companies at all stages—from formation to IPO—to visualize their capitalization in real time and issue, transfer, and manage all types of securities electronically, including corporate stock and LLC membership units, convertible notes, warrants, and equity incentive, phantom/stock appreciation, and stock option plans. They help companies keep their stakeholders informed and happy by giving stakeholders special access to an up-to-date snapshot of the company and their securities. The platform also facilitates signature collection from both individuals and groups (e.g., directors, shareholders, members), as well as funds transfer.

For company officers, directors, and managers, Carta will generate a wide range of customizable reports from cap table variations to vesting reports to modeling contemplated investment rounds and waterfall analyses. They also offer various compliance reports at no additional cost, including 409A valuations which typically run around $5,000.

View this document from Carta to learn more: Carta_Overview_MG+