MGA WATCH Trademark Monitoring Service

MGA is proud to announce the launch of our new service: MGA WATCH. MGA WATCH is a premier trademark monitoring service that gives clients peace of mind knowing that their intellectual property is being vigilantly cared for and that potential trademark infringement will be caught and resolved before incurring substantial damage to their brands. For a monthly fee, we will monitor your marks through Google search, the USPTO trademark database, and Official Gazette, major social media platforms, and databases for gTLD website registrations. Clients receive a monthly summary and report of our findings, and the MGA trademark team will be ready to enforce your intellectual property rights at your direction.

If you value your trademark and want to ensure that no one is taking advantage of or infringing upon your brand, sign up for MGA WATCH monitoring service today. For more information, check out the MGA WATCH One Sheet, and contact us via email or at the number below.