Panel Discussion at The National Arts Club (03/06/18): Decentralized Social Networks Built on Blockchain


On March 6, 2018 from 6:00-10:00PM, the National Arts Club Art & Tech Committee is hosting an event that will continue the conversation around blockchain, picking up from the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Future of Finance in Art event that took place in December. This time around, the discussion will focus on content creation, free speech, and the future of a decentralized internet, as various creators share their experience developing a voice and following through YouTube and social media.

The topic of decentralized social networks will be discussed by founder Bill Ottman who will address the future of social networks and blockchain as a means to avert censorship and empower creators to express themselves more freely. Panelists include award-winning journalist and technologist Tim Pool of Timcast; talk radio host, pioneer podcaster, and “expert,” Lionel of Lionel Nation; and the brilliantly eclectic  YouTube creator Tarl Warwick, known by his followers as Styxhexenhammer666. The panel is co-moderated by Lev Polyakov, and MG+ attorney Robert Griffitts.

About Featured Speakers:

Bill Ottman is the founder of, a decentralized social network built around blockchain technology with a focus on transparency for content creators.

Lev Polyakov is an animator, director producer and chair of the Art and Technology Comittee for The National Arts Club.

Robert Griffitts is Senior Partner at MG+. He works with entrepreneurs and rapid-growth companies, advising blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses on complex regulatory matters.

Tim Pool is an award winning journalist breaking news from around the world with commentary on top news topics in conflict, crisis, and technology.

Tarl Warwick aka Styxhexenhammer666 is an author, editor and political commentator on YouTube. His channel features more than 200K subscribers.

Michael William Lebron aka Lionel is a legal and media analyst, trial lawyer and former prosecutor, host of LionelNation YouTube channel.


Registration is free and open to the public. The National Arts Club is located at 15 Gramercy Park S, New York, NY 10003