Rameez Tase, Co-Founder & CEO of ANTENNA Discusses Media, Entrepreneurship, Daily Routines and More

Driven entrepreneurs with a great idea can have the power to change the world. In this series from MGA, we interview founders and CEOs that are making a difference by launching innovative products and services which are changing the landscape of business, finance, content creation, fine art, and more.

Rameez Tase is the Co-Founder and CEO of ANTENNA, a startup media measurement company using an advanced data approach to provide analytics for subscription businesses. ANTENNA built a platform that provides market-level information on subscription metrics including growth, churn, and retention across the subscription media ecosystem. Prior to ANTENNA, Rameez built and led marketing and analytics teams at Axios and Mic. In this interview, we hear from Rameez Tase about the story of ANTENNA, his entrepreneurial routines, and navigating the business challenges (and benefits) of the pandemic. To learn more, request a demo from ANTENNA at https://www.antenna.live/contact.